Deprecating Non-Secure HTTP

Chrome and now Mozilla has announced that they are going to start deprecating non-secure http and are setting a date after which all new features will be available and by them deprecating http they it’s possible that it might break some websites entirely if they have “insecure” items on their page that pose risk to user’s security and privacy.

In other words if you want to double make sure your website is supported in future releases of Chrome and Firefox then you need to fork over some cash, get a dedicated IP address and setup SSL Certs on your domains though it may take a while before this actually catches on and starts effecting websites.

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Business Breakdown

I’m currently the owner of two businesses that I own and run. One of those businesses is called Kustom Choice where I offer pc repairs and webhosting services. The other business is called Snap Geek Photography where I have attempted to offer Photography services but have failed from day one.

However, lately I’ve been seriously considering closing down one or even both of those businesses as they have failed to turn any sort of actual profit in years and I’m sick of sinking money into something that has failed for over 4 years now & has made no headway what so ever.

If anybody has any great ideas on how I can “save” these two businesses then I’d love to hear it before I give up on them entirely.


RIP Macy

This is a rather sad blog post about my gf’s dog who died in her sleep sometime on Saturday Jan 23, 2016. She hasn’t been doing well for about a week prior to her death and we took her to the vet several times to try to get her well again but all our efforts to save her life have failed.

Macy was a very loving dog who just liked to cuddle and was very protective over my son Zaidyn. It saddens me to see her die like this but I guess she is now in doggie heaven and is no longer suffering or is in pain.

We will never forget you Macy.


Just so my visitors who actually decide to read my personal blog posts know, there is a ton of stuff that I don’t share here at and is only posted on my personal twitter account.

So if you really want a true insight into my daily life including but not limited to daily tweets, almost daily photos, and even some explicit content then you really should be following me on twitter as a lot of stuff I share there isn’t shared anywhere else.

Bowling Shoes

Bowling Shoes

Last week I ordered myself my very own pair of bowling shoes. I’m excited because up until now I always had to rent shoes which gets annoying and I bowl in league every Wednesday so having my own shoes saves me money in the long run.

Next thing I want to get eventually is my own bowling ball so I don’t have to use the cheap plastic ones from the bowling alley anymore.