How to upgrade to Windows 10

If you haven’t installed Windows 10 yet on your computer you might want to start doing it soon before the free upgrade to Windows 10 expires. Below I have outlined 3 different methods I have used to update computers to Windows 10.

Method 1

Go here and download and run installer.

Method 2 (Force it)

Follow the steps below to force it to install.

  1. First, navigate to “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download” (you may need to replace C: with a different drive letter if you installed Windows elsewhere) and delete all the files there. This will give Windows Update a clean slate.
  2. Open Windows Update by hitting the Windows key, typing “Windows Update” and clicking on it.
  3. Open up the command prompt by hitting the Windows key and typing in cmd. Don’t hit enter. Right click and choose “Run as administrator.”
  4. Type (but do not enter yet) “wuauclt.exe /updatenow” — this is the command to force Windows Update to check for updates.
  5. Back in the Windows Update window, click “Check for updates” on the left hand side. It should say “Checking for updates…”
  6. While this is happening, switch back to the command prompt and enter the command you already typed in.
  7. You should now see Windows Update say that it is downloading Windows 10. Before you actually install it though, back everything up and make sure you’re ready.
    windows10 download

Method 3

Visit this link and under where it says “Need to create a USB, DVD or ISO?” click download tool now

Once the tool is downloaded you need to run it, it will ask you two questions & you should pick “Upgrade this machine” afterwards It will walk you through the install process

I hope this was helpful to you guys. If you still have problems then you need to contact Microsoft to sort them out.

Problems I ran into while Updating Windows 10

Problems using Method 1

If you get this error you are pretty much hosed on using Method 1


Problems using Method 2

  1. If you get error 80240020 like I did while during the windows 10 download and install process then simply repeat the steps above and try again..
  2. Got stuck at Check your PC before upgrading.

Problems using Method 3

I haven’t been able to work past this error yet..
Problem Running Tool