Acronis Snap Deploy 4

How to Create Clone @ Boot w/Acronis

Boot into windows from the cd or usb flash drive

Select: Acronis Snap Deploy 4 Master Image Creator

Click Ok

Click Ok at network option

At this point plugin ext drive if you are using one to clone to and click next.

Select the partitions you want to clone (C drive, and recovery partitions normally)

Select where you want to save it to (we have been saying to a 4tb ext drive) and give it a name

Choose the following options:

  • Protection: (skip)
  • Compression: Maximum
  • Splitting: (Skip)
  • Error Handling: (I normally skip)
  • Additional Settings: Check “Validate the image when it’s created”

Click next when finished.

Comments we normally we include:

Main model
machine name
machine Serial tab or service tag
Windows OS
Office version
Date Cloned

Once finished click next and then Create and just wait for it to complete.

Create Clone using Acronis 4 Server

Coming soon.

Tips on certain models of pcs.

Here are some instructions on how to clone on different laptops that I had to figure out.

Clone Lenovo U340 Touch
I cloned this laptop using a bootable usb drive with ASD4
Boot into bios: FN+F2
Security: Turn off secure boot
Change boot mode from UEFI to Legecy Support
Boot Priority to Legacy first
Make sure usb boot is on
Close bios and save
Boot using fn+f12 and choose usb
Continue to follow the steps listed at 5.1 to complete task.

Clone Asus Zenbook UX305
Spam f2 at startup
Security, Secure boot menu, turn off secure bot control
Boot, new boot option, add boot optin, give name usb
Plug in acronis bootable drive, path for boot option, select usb, efi\boot\bootx62.efi
Click create
Put /usb at 1st priority
Save changes and exit
Reboot laptop and u should have option to boot with acronis. Type 2 and follow steps at 5.1 to create acronis image.
Once you are done u need to delete the boot option and re-enable secure boot.

Clone Acer ES1-111
Not documented

Clone Dell 3010
Below is base steps. I’m sure I’m missing a step or two in there which needs to be addressed.
Boot into bios: F2
Turn off secure boot
Turn on Legacy boot with Legacy first.
Make sure usb boot is on
Close bios and save
Restart pc and use f12 to get a boot menu
Chose USB or disk (Depending what you are using)
Continue to follow the steps listed at 5.1 to complete task

Clone Lenovo U31
Boot into Bios fn+F2
Security >Turn off Secure Boot
Go to Boot >Boot Mode and change it from UEFI to Legacy Support >then Boot Priority to Legacy First
Fn+F10 to save and reboot