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Below is everything about android rooting that I have used. Some of this information is much much older and probably obsolete.

Android ROMS Developers

Android Apps for rooted users
Titanium Backup
wifi Tether
Busy Box

Coby Tablet
Root 7032,7034,7036,7048,8048

HTC Desire Root
Rooting Explained

Rooted Stock 2.2
Nandroid Backup
Oxygen Rom

HTC Desire Tips
HTC Desire


Rooting Tools for Samsung
Install CWM

Samsung Galaxy SIII Root
Root Part 1
Root Part 2

Samsung Galaxy SIII ROMS
CyanogenMod 10 -PREVIEW #4

Samsung Galaxy SIII Wallpapers
Wallpaper Passion

Samsung GS5 Root
How to root any gs5

Android Hints

Screenshot Samsung Galaxy S3

Method 1:

1. HOLD down the POWER button and the HOME button at the same time.

2. That’s it! Seriously, it’s that easy! For those having issues, hit the home button first, then right after that tap the power button. You’ll see a message appear on the screen that says “screenshot saved to Camera shots”. With this method, your screenshot will appear in the directory /Pictures/Screenshots. You can also go to your Gallery app to see the screenshots that you have captured.

Method 2:

1. Click the MENU button and select SETTINGS.

2. Select MOTION.

3. Under “Hand Motion” settings, check “Palm swipe to Capture” checkbox.

4. That’s it! Now you can capture screens by moving your palm on the screen from left to right or right to left. This will take screenshot of whatever screen you are currently on. You can go to your Gallery app to see the screenshots that you have captured.