Welcome to my Centos page. This page will soon be updated with a bunch of helpful tips about Centos and stuff I have setup on the Centos OS.

I do not promise these steps or tips here will work forever but they worked at the time that I posted them. I also will not offer support if you follow any of my advice and run into a problem.

Nagios 4.1.1 Setup Steps
Nagios – Setup Hosts

Fix Centos network

Helpful Centos 7 commands

Download from url: wget http://URLHERE

Install wget: yum install wget
Install nano txt editor: yum install nano
Install net tools: yum install net-tools

Restart Apache: service httpd restart
Restart Nagios: service nagios restart

Start Apache: service httpd start
Start Nagios: service nagios start

Unpackage tar file: tar zxf NAMEOFFILE