Kustom Choice

We are sorry to announce this but Kustom Choice Hosting has closed on 5/1/2017 & this page is all that exists of what used to be kustomchoice.com.

Why you ask?

The data center we had been using for the past 10+ years has been gradually raising their prices while our business has been rapidly shrinking. We have never been able to regain the customers that we have lost over the years and the company has been in the red for several years now.

Bottom line, We could not afford to exist in the red any longer & have closed.

Former Customers

Former customers were e-mailed about the close of Kustom Choice Hosting & we are sorry if you are now just learning of this closing.

If you were one of our customers then we are sorry to tell you that your websites have been deleted when the server was taken offline. We do have backup copies dating back to 4/29/17 if you need them so just e-mail: matt@kustomchoice.com to request that.

Sorry for any inconveniences this may of caused you.