New Server & Site Changes

About the new server

Towards the end of 2017 I acquired a new reseller server and 5 VPS servers.

I was going to use the reseller server to host all my domains but it’s proving to be unreliable as mysql is often crashed on it which renders my websites useless.

Above said I have moved,, and onto one of my VPS servers.

The 2 of 5 VPS servers have the following specs:

  • 4 VCPU
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 50GB HD in Raid 10

My other 3 VPS servers have lesser ram but I only use them for stuff like OwnCloud Server and a Nagios Server. I’m only actually using 3 out of 5 of my VPS servers for anything currently.

Website Changes

In the past I posted a lot of hints and how to information, but since this is time consuming to keep updated I’ve decided to change how I do this. I’ll likely still post new how to guides but don’t expect me to keep older ones updated much.

This website may start to include some content that is not deemed safe for work as well but will be flagged as [NSFW]

Anyways stay tuned while I drum up more content to post here.

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