How to Remote with ShowMyPC

The instructions below will guide you through some steps that will allow a remote user to connect to your computer to assist you with issues remotely. 

 Step 1: Downloading the software

Visit to download the software.

Tip: Save it to the desktop so you can find the file easily for Step 2

Screenshot of

Step 2: Running the software

Once the download is complete, double click on the ShowMyPC exe file

If you get a message asking you if you want to run the file click Yes.

Step 3: Setting up Remote Access

Now Click where it says Show My PC Now

If you get a firewall prompt then click Allow or Unblock (this can vary depending on your windows OS)


Step 4: Share password to receive help

Share the password that it gives you with the user who you are going to allow to access your computer remotely

Note: Your desktop may turn black or your display may flicker once the remote user connects to your computer. This is Normal.