True Nudists

There is a website on the web called True Nudists which is “supposed” to be geared around people who are “True Nudists” but like most nudist websites it’s become overcrowded with Men and Gay Men and the administrators of the website fail to do anything about it despite lots of complaints from their real nudist members.

I have had an account there on and off for many years now and I have deleted and recreated my account multiple times several years apart hoping the administrators would of improved the website but each time I’m sadly disappointed.

I decided to login again after not being on the website in at least 6 months and am NOT surprised to see a ton of friend requests from Men & Gay Men along with some messages from these folks as well. So far the messages haven’t been disturbing to speak of but I do find it frustrating that the site 95% men and maybe 5% women.

I do not use the website to “display” myself in a sexual nature nor do I use it like a dating site but I just feel it would be a lot better if the administrators of True Nudists would take the time to thin out the population of Men & Gay Men on the website. Instead they just push ads on you asking you to Upgrade which is basically an option so you can see more photos of naked people..

True Nudists is more of a porn site than a naturist site if you ask me & I’ve had enough.

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