What is a nudist?

There are a lot of people who are confused or question what the nudist lifestyle really is about. Well today I plan to attempt to answer that question within this post.


Being a nudist is not related to sex or sexual behavior at all and it isn’t about exposing yourself to others for sexual purposes, those sort of people are called Exhibitionists.

Nudists simply enjoy living life without being restricted by clothing whenever possible and are often nude while doing everyday tasks such as cleaning the house, doing yard work, painting, watching tv, working, etc.

Some nudists tend to escape the textile world by visiting nude beaches or nudist resorts with other like minded individuals. There are also clubs for nudists to join where they can go to events together and socialize.

Other nudists simply just practice being nude at home and don’t want to or don’t bother trying to socialize with other nudists.

A true nudist will never judge others based on how they look whether they are fat, skinny, old, etc because to the nudist community it doesn’t matter what you look like & it’s more about who you are as a person.


The goal of naturism is not to force others to get naked or see others naked. The goal is to make a more body-positive world where people don’t have to feel ashamed of their bodies. Where everyone is treated equally. Where people judge each other based on character, rather than the color of their skin, gender, sexual orientation, body type or size, disabilities, clothing brands and so on. Those things are secondary to our ability to express love, kindness, compassion, acceptance and tolerance. It’s time we all start treating each other like human beings for a change.


Of course nudists have sex but they don’t openly do it on beaches or public places because that wouldn’t hold the true nudist values. Being a nudist isn’t about having sex with other nudists or random people.


Honestly, it’s not really easy to know who is a nudist and who isn’t because most nudists don’t openly admit that they enjoy nudism or are nudists because society is really cruel and judges nudists rather harshly.

The fact is your teacher, best friend, neighbor or even your parents may be nudists and you may not even know it!


  1. Very good! Short, sweet, succinct. Of course, there’s a lot more than that to social nudism but this clears the way for the interested to pursue the matter with a bit less fear and a little more understanding.

    We’ll be sharing this on our website as soon as the d**n thing gets over its current hiccups!

    1. I wrote it up to kinda be a entry into the world of what the nudist lifestyle is about and to explain a few misconceptions. Yes please do share but give me credit for the posting please.

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